How To Make A Website Without Any Coding or Programming Knowledge

Published: 17th July 2009
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The Internet is a great place to showcase and promote your business, as well as promote a product, make money online or just share personal ideas and stories. There are billions of websites online, for multiple purposes. Gone are the days where you needed to spend two years in school learning nauseating HTML, code and programming. If you are considering making a website for your business or for personal use there are two great options available for those who are not professional webmasters and do not have any code or programming experience.

WYSIWYG Website Builders
This is one of the best options for novice webmasters. WYSIWYG stands for "what you see is what you get", which is basically an acronym that allows you to input all your website content in English, while the software creates all necessary code automatically in the background. This type of software also usually comes with simple drag and drop capability for navigation, website components, images and other parts that are vital for a website.

This type of software is very user-friendly and can allow absolutely anyone to build a great business or personal website in very little time. Also, many WYSIWYG softwares come with e-commerce tools and affiliate material that makes it easy to create either a store type site or an affiliate marketing website to make money online.

Blog Platform
Another alternative for making websites easy is blog software. Wordpress is free and is very easy to use. While it is a blogging software, which is a dynamic website, meaning it is updated frequently with new content, it can be used to build any type of site. Wordpress comes with a WYSIWYG type admin dashboard, where again no coding is required. All content can be filled in English and it is easy to insert images, video and other media.

The other great thing about Wordpress is that there are thousands of free themes available that are pre-coaded and only need to be uploaded and they are live. These themes come in all types of colors, designs and subjects, so there is something for any type of website the user has in mind. Also, some themes allow for personal customization such as header colors, which helps to create a more custom design.

Another important advantage of Wordpress is they ability to easily drag and drop features to the website/blog with the user-friendly admin features. So the sidebar's can be customized to fit anyone's needs and make the website look very professional without needing to know or use any code.

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