The Fashion of Short Hair for Women

Published: 01st October 2009
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Gentlemen prefer blondes; apparently they also prefer long hair, according to Tamás Bereczkei, PhD, professor of psychology at the University of Pécs in Hungary. She performed a study in which images of female faces with varying hair lengths were presented to men. The men then evaluated the individual hairstyles for appeal and attractiveness. "Longer hair had a significant positive effect on the ratings of a woman's attractiveness; shorter styles did not," as stated by Dr. Bereczkei in her findings.

So, is this really true? Well I guess you would have to ask the man in your life. It seems that short hair is very popular among women and in the fashion industry. Soft face curving short haircuts, as well as the jagged drastic super short boy cuts. It somehow symbolizes something super modern, trendy and cool.

The simple definition of short hair is that which falls above the shoulder. There are of course lots of varying degrees of short hair, including very short above the ear and that which is just to the shoulder.

Short hair can be tricky. Not every face can pull it off, and the shorter the style the less likely that it will tailor to any woman's facial features and shape. The shorter the style, the less likely the cut will tailor to every woman's face. The perfect short hairstyle will always accentuate the best facial features as well as the shape of the face.

In general faces that are wider, more round or fuller or have prominent features will not look as good with short hair because it will just make them pop even more. Longer faces do better with cuts that have blunt ends since they widen the shape of the face. In contrast to round facial shapes, the longer ones will want to be made to appear wider. Also, for very long faces, super short hair cuts should be avoided because they will make the face look even longer, try a chin length bob style instead.

Overall some of the really short boy cuts and more drastic chiseled short haircuts are very daring and not appealing to most women. Also, femininity in general is greatly tied into long flowing hair, while many still associate short hair as more male, boyish and tomboy. I admire those women who have the confidence and boldness to chop it all off, I am not one of those women. Are you?

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